What is Celltradeusa.com? World's first community that helps people Get Out of cell phone contracts without paying early termination fees and for cell phone customers who want to Get In to short term plans + incentives. We match you up! Register now. It's free!

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Stuck in a cell phone contract?

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Get our of your cell phone contract without paying the early termination fees of $150-250 per line.
Save termination fee+remaining monthly payments
All major wireless providers
100% out of your contract
Post a free ad to gauge demand on your offer

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Looking for a short-term cell phone plan?

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Get a short term cell phone contract at the same rate as a 2 year plan
Free phone(s)
No activation fees
All major wireless providers
Once contract ends, cancel at anytime
100% free

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How it Works

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Someone wants to Get Out of a cell phone contract without paying early termination fees.

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Someone wants to Get In to a short-term cell phone plan with no activation fees, maybe a free phone + incentives. Smart!

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They meet on Celltradeusa. Get In user takes over Get Out's contract directly with the provider.
It's a win-win!

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Be heard. Share your Wireless Story.

" My service is miserable, and they won't let me out! "

" I love my phone and the service is great! "

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