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Apple iphone 4s New, Never Opened Free  

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Hey im looking to trade one or 2 lines on our unlimited talk and text att data share plan we have 30gb of data and only use about 10 for line for line Verizon service on your plan both company's charge the same $130 a month for 30 gb of lte data and $15 to add smart phones to the plan we only have 6 lines on the acount and like I sad are only using about 1\3 the data we have and can agree on a limit of 3/10 gb or something talk and text is unlimited so that's not a concern we like att and that it's gsm I just picked up 2 iphone 6 plus and want to have a line on each major network for just coverage reasons I can get a sim card and give you the # to activate and you can get a att sim and just give me the # my emmaile is my user name at yah0o And our bill is alwase paid and we have been on att 8 years not leaving anytime soon for $15 lets help echouther have access to both big networks

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