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Provider     Sprint Nextel
Months left on Contract     22
Contract Expiration Date     04-11-2016

Cell Phone Information

Manufacturer Model Condition Price  
Samsung Galaxy S4 Used Free  
Samsung Galaxy S4 Like New Free  

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**DISCLAIMER THIS WEBSITE NEEDS TO BE UPDATED BECAUSE A LOT OF THE SETTINGS DON'T WORK PROPERLY. I ACTUALLY HAVE A SAMSUNG S5 AS ONE OF THE PHONES AND NOT 2 SAMSUNG S4s. THE SAMSUNG S5 WAS NOT A SELECT-ABLE PHONE. ALSO MY CONTRACT EXPIRES 04/11/2016 (15 MONTHS FROM NOW) AND NOT IN 4 MONTHS. I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS WEBSITE BUT IT WOULDN'T LET ME CHANGE IT. SORRY!** Hello! So, here's my story. I just recently got engaged and we are looking to consolidate bills. I have 2 phones on my contract that I need to get out of the contract on. The other phone's contract end date is 03/14/16. I'm willing to offer $150 cash incentive plus 2 of the above phones listed for free. I need to have those 2 phone numbers ported to Verizon so the phone numbers I would keep. If you don't think $150 is enough, make an offer and if no one is going to take me up on this deal, I MAY accept it. Any other questions, just send me a message and I'll respond right away. Both phones are in great shape and have been case carried since they were bought. Thanks for reading!

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