iPad Air 2 - Space Gray- 64GB - MINT



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Provider     Sprint Nextel
Months left on Contract     13
Contract Expiration Date     01-03-2017

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Apple iphone 4s Like New Free  

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This listing is for an iPad Air 2 NOT an iPhone 4s. For some reason the months remaining is miscalculating on the listing. The lease ends on 01/03/2017 The iPad is in mint condition! I take very good care of my things. Everything works perfectly on the iPad, I'm just upgrading to the Pro soon and want to get out of my contract. The iPad is leased monthly at $24 and the data is $40 (data plan can be lowered). No fee for the device since you'd be leasing the device from Sprint. The device has to be turned in at the end of the lease or it can be bought for $220. The contract info is included in the second image. More images of the iPad can be provided if needed.

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