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Provider     Verizon Wireless
Months left on Contract     12
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HTC One Used Free  
Apple iphone 5 White Used Free  

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We want to leave our Verizon Family Plan for a different plan. The plan is currently the More Everything unlimited talk, text, and 10GB data. You can change the data level at any point, however. You get a used iPhone 5s White/Gold 16GB and a used HTC One M8 32GB for free. The iPhone has some cosmetic scratches and a small chip in the top corner. It functions perfectly fine and a case almost completely covers the chip from view. The HTC One M8 has some very slight surface scratching on the front and a couple small dings on the back near the camera. The phone functions perfectly. Both phones come with chargers. The HTC One M8 comes with a car charger and an Incipio case.

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