Leased Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB w/ Transferable Unlimited Data, Talk & Text Plan



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Provider     Sprint Nextel
Months left on Contract     8
Contract Expiration Date     06-22-2017

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Apple iphone 6 plus Like New Free  

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I don't want any money. Just looking for someone to take over this phone and plan. I have two phones and no longer need this one. This phone is an iPhone 6S Plus 128 GB. The dropdown does not have an option for "6S Plus!" But this is not a regular 6. Newest model that came out in September 2015. $50 monthly plan. Unlimited data, talk and text. Phone $35/month lease So the total monthly bill is $85/month. Also, the plan is an iPhone forever plan so you can upgrade to the new iPhone every year. Sprint no longer offers this unlimited everything plan for this price so you will be grandfathered into this great plan! If you decide, you can switch the plan at any time without a charge and without extending the contract. You can switch the plan and phone to your name and keep your same phone number. Or get a new number. Phone is new and in great condition. No cracks. Keep in mind this is a lease. You're able to upgrade to the iPhone 7 this year. If you decide not to and hang on to this phone, you can purchase it at a discounted price at the end of the lease or return it to Sprint.

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