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Provider     Verizon Wireless
Months left on Contract     12
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All Verizon contract transfers conducted through Celltradeusa will automatically default to 12 months for the customer taking over your contract.

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Apple iphone 6 Like New Free  

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Hello, **This is an iPhone 6S 64GB** I am looking for someone to take over my plan rather than to exchange one. My monthly bill is $117.32 but will drop to $41.24 due to me suspending service. Service can continue at any time and I use a lot of data which is why the price is high. In the trade I am including a like new iPhone S 64GB, case, 2 10ft charging cords. You are free to change my plan as you wish as it will become your full responsibility from the moment you accept. Plan starts Oct 29, 2015 and ends with a typical two year agreement. The phone alone is near $800 and, again, included for free in the deal. The phone will come with the latest iOS and fully charged so you can use it right away. **** If you have any questions please email me for more pics, proof of ownership, any questions you may have, etc. No International swapping (sorry).

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