LIKE NEW iPhone 6se 64gig AND GALAXY NOTE 5 32gig- 50% OFF 24g data plan



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Provider     Sprint Nextel
Months left on Contract     2
Contract Expiration Date     05-14-2018

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Manufacturer Model Condition Price  
Apple iphone 6 Like New Free  
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Like New Free  

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These are actually the iPhone 6se (about the size of the iPhone 5s) and the Galaxy Note 5 (they didn't give us these options in the ad set up) We both have work phones now and don't need our own phone plan. Both devices are in perfect condition and come with a case and Zagg Glass screen protector. The iPhone has Apple Care for the life of the existing contract. They also come with the chargers. We have the Sprint EasyPay plan with 24gigs shared data. This is normally $120/mo just for the data. On our plan, your cost for continuing the lease on the two phones and the data (with tax in Oklahoma area) is just under $160/mo. You also get 1500 shared anytime minutes, unlimited text, and free roaming.

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