Iphone 6S via Sprint's Iphone forever plan (Phone Included)



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Provider     Sprint Nextel
Months left on Contract     19
Contract Expiration Date     07-12-2016

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Manufacturer Model Condition Price  
Apple iphone 6 Like New $100.00  

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I have an Space Grey Iphone 6S in excellent condition (I've had the phone for 6 months and in a Tech 21 case). Currently, I have the Sprint Iphone forever plan (which the new owner would be eligible for a trade-in now). I had a personal crisis that inhibited my finances in March which I am recovering from to the present date so I must make some financial sacrifices. Unfortunately, my smartphone will be one of the luxuries I am parting with. My barter: I can add an individual to the line and I will leave the line - Thus, giving you ownership of the line & phone. Why is this good? You can get on a contract without running a credit report and getting charged a high security deposit or installment fee. I would ask $100 for what I've taken care of thus far on the lease.

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