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Provider     Verizon Wireless
Months left on Contract     12
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All Verizon contract transfers conducted through Celltradeusa will automatically default to 12 months for the customer taking over your contract.

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DONT sign a 2 year contract! Don't PAY $100/month! Are you looking for a Verizon Wireless account? Do you want to SAVE MONEY? I currently have 11 months remaining on my Verizon wireless account and would like to transfer ownership to someone who would like it a shorter term contract. The account is in good standing but i can no longer afford to sustain the account. Please help. What you get: An 11 month contract instead of a new 24 month contract. A discounted plan -- My 2GB LTE unlimited talk/txt SMARTPHONE plan is only $60/month NOT the typical $100 / month You can also change the plan if you wish. You also get to help a guy out of a jam and save some bucks at the same time. What you have to do: If you are interested ...contact me via email or phone 970-430-5608. We can either visit a Verizon store together to transfer the account ...or we can exchange information and do it all over the phone. This deal does not come with a phone.

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