12-month contract with phone $35 activation/contract ends 2/10/15



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Provider     Verizon Wireless
Months left on Contract     12
Contract Expiration Date

All Verizon contract transfers conducted through Celltradeusa will automatically default to 12 months for the customer taking over your contract.

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Manufacturer Model Condition Price  
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Like New Free  

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Besides the benefit of activation I will add $20 as an extra incentive. So free phone: Samsung Brightside smartphone. +++ Total savings for you: $35 + $20 + free smart phone $55 in savings + free working almost new with screen protector and protective case. OVER $55 with slide out keyboard (sorry this site did not list my phone so that part of the listing was not accurate) , No $35 activation charge and $20 to take over my contract. My wife now has a company phone now and does not use this one

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